About Us

About Inner Soul Guidance and the Authors

The Inner Soul Guidance website has been created by Leanne and Deb to help awaken your soul. Their wish is to help you tune into your intuition, to enhance your knowledge while helping you get back in touch with the gifts you were born with.
Helping you strengthen your abilities to receive whispered messages and to see the signs sent to you from your Spirit Guides and your Universal Family.
Leanne and Deb’s goals and dreams are to create and manifest a sacred space for likeminded souls to join forces and together send an abundance of Love and Light to all.
Drawing from over 20 years of experiences Leanne and Deb have designed, created and channelled from spirit tools to help you receive the guidance you are seeking.

About Leanne Winston:

Residing in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, you’ll find Leanne Winston, an Internationally Renowned Psychic Medium and Author who was blessed as a child to be able to communicate with loved ones in the Spirit Realm.

Leanne is a loving wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. Her family have supported her along her journey as she shares her amazing gift with others.

Leanne has had the pleasure of studying under some well-known mentors such as Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell. In 2010 Leanne started sharing her gift helping many to connect with their family and friends. Then in 2016 Leanne found a passion in teaching, mentoring and helping others to connect through the spiritual development classes she facilitated and ran.
Leanne has travelled throughout Australia, interacting with live audiences delivering unbelievably accurate messages from loved ones who have crossed over.

Leanne’s amazing abilities have helped many find peace, comfort and closure.

About Deb Gilmore:

Deb Gilmore, Intuitive Creative Soul and Author, has ridden the rollercoaster of life, stumbled off of her path a few times, but has eventually managed to get back on track.

A quiet achiever, sponge for knowledge, and the woman behind the woman who hides in the shadows while having loads of fun. Well known for her wicked sense of humour and her contagious laugh, she always sees the silver lining and the good in whomever crosses her path.

Growing up, Deb was surrounded by a family of very intuitive souls and an uncle whose mediumship abilities were eye opening, and Deb grew up connected to spirit. Her Universal Family definitely has her back, and her Guides are always keeping her in touch with her spiritual side.

Deb feels blessed to be given the opportunity to launch Inner Soul Guidance Oracle Cards to the world with her amazing friend, Leanne Winston.
Her train is definitely leaving the station.

A personal message from Leanne Winston

Living my life with spirit is a very interesting and rewarding journey.

Like most I have many roles a daughter, sister, wife, mother and aunt.

Professionally I am a Medium, a Psychic, Intuitive coach/Counsellor, a Healer, Spiritual Advisor, was the host of Blog Talk Radio, have had published columns in our local TV guide and now a proud joint Author of the exquisite Inner Soul Guidance Oracle cards with my beautiful friend Deb.

For over 10 years I have been working professionally as an intuitive reader. During this time I have had so many heartfelt memories being able to connect with various people not only in the psychical world but also those in the spiritual realm.

I feel honoured and blessed when I am invited into people’s lives, into their homes, to events and live stage shows.

Being born with this super power has certainly been a rollercoaster journey. I have experienced the very lows and the highs all of which has led me to here today and shaped me into the person I have become.

I have worked hard to create the life and career that I am so passionate about and enjoy immensely. My journey has not always been smooth sailing but very rewarding, for this I would like to take a moment to thank and acknowledge my spiritual team, my main Guides Iteki, Charles and Rose and all of my loved ones in spirit.

I am very grateful to my biggest supporters, my amazing parents Robert and Margaret, my loving wonderful husband Paul, my two talented beautiful daughters, Ebonie and Tara, my incredible business partner and friend Deb Gilmore and most of all, my beautiful supportive followers.

We hope that this website, our knowledge and years of experience, courses and offerings will inspire you to follow your spiritual path and become everything your soul desires.