Inner Soul Guidance Oracle Cards


Inner Soul Guidance Oracle Cards

The Inner Soul Guidance Oracle has been designed, created and channelled from Spirit by Leanne and Deb to help you connect to your intuition, guiding you to receive whispered messages from your Spirit Guides and your Universal Family.

With exquisite illustrations and meaningful channelled messages from Spirit, the Inner Soul Guidance Oracle is an essential tool to help you receive the guidance you are seeking.


14 reviews for Inner Soul Guidance Oracle Cards

  1. Keith Miller

    Beautiful cards – amazing artwork!

  2. Brigette

    Love these cards so much, easy to use and read, such beautiful art work, great energy! I know use these cards everyday for support and guidance❤️ Thx Deb and Leanne for such a wonderful deck

  3. Natalie Moio

    These cards are the best Oracle cards I’ve ever owned.

  4. Leanne

    I bought these stunningly beautiful Oracle Cards when they first came out.
    They would have to be my most favourite cards.
    They are easy to use, beautifully presented so colourful, and every time I pull a card I know exactly what it means to me. Usually daily.
    Simply amazing Cards.
    Well done Deb and Leanne!

  5. Natalie

    Just love these cards so much, so easy to read. Love the colors, designs and guidance that I get from the cards

  6. Ros

    I’ve been using these cards now since they came into my hands around the month ago … as part of my Daily readings.
    Beautiful energy and I just love the sparkly gold & silver. The keywords and phrases are spot on as well.

  7. Ros

    Excellent Oracle deck with the meaning being spot on. Love the silver & gold finish on the beautiful artwork.

  8. Vonnie Ferguson

    Just beautiful cards. Colours and art work are wonderful. The meaning of each card is very well written and easy to understand. Well done. Thanks Deb and Leanne

  9. Carol

    These cards I just love. The artwork is great and colours are beautiful. I read my cards daily and are such an inspiration. Thanks

  10. Brad Harding

    I love my cards and love that the meanings are very clear and the art work is beautiful. the guide book makes it so easy for anyone to be able to use there cards straight away with no training and be able to receive a very clear and spot on reading.


    Let me first congratulate Deb and Leanne on producing such a awesome deck of cards. The quality is luxurious and the artwork of the cards is so beautiful. I have found the instructional videos very informative making the cards easy to use for a beginner like myself. Their words of wisdom and guidance is just amazing and helpful when I’ve been looking for answers to my thoughts. Do yourself a favour and get yourself a deck they are life enhancing.

  12. Marguerite

    I love these cards easy to read and understand.. the quality is amazing and designsare beautiful.. my daughter also recently used them and had also fallen in love with them… will definitely recommend them to others

  13. Joanne Rogers

    Just purchased these cards last week.. They are beautiful and have helped me so much with guidance and direction .Thankyou Leeanne for your support .The quality of the cards is excellent so much so Ive order more as gifts.Thankyou JoAnne

  14. Danielle

    These cards are so accurate, out of all the decks I have ever used this deck is spot on! They are amazing, the guidebook is so easy to follow and very well written.
    So beautifully created with a lot of love and thought.

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